we are psychologists, copywriters and researchers who stand for effective and empathic communication anytime and anyplace.

The NMC company was founded as an instrument of resistance against information pollution in our overly advertised world, in which communication has lost its very essence.
By using the NMC principles in our clients communication, we help them to achieve their business goals.

better world,
word by word.

Ivan Gorski, Head of Employee Experience, Hrvatski Telekom

The NMC company has found a way to translate our culture into every part of their communication strategy. Now people have the impression that we speak the same language as them. After the implementation of their principles, the satisfaction of our employees has increased, and it is way more natural for us in HR to communicate in this way.

Olivera Batula Franjković, CX Specialist, Zagrebačka banka

Working with the NMC team has trained me to look at everything from the client’s perspective. The numerous projects that we have worked on together have led to fewer complaints from our clients, due to the transformation of our way of communication. Through this process, I was able to witness all of the things that can be achieved when you really start listening to people and speaking their language.

Marija Jakeljić, Marketing Director, Croatia osiguranje

They go above and beyond to understand and explore in detail our materials and processes in order to understand our customers needs and adjust our way of communication.

Juraj Pogledić, Head of Brand and Trade Marketing, BSH Home Appliances Group

They have transformed our post-sales communication by simplifying the customer journey, which is key to creating a loyal customer base.

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