non marketing communication – delivering on what marketing promises at every touchpoint. By changing too corporate, too technical or too creative communication into something that works for everyone.

how can businesses benefit from this kind of communication?
increasing brand value
by transforming both customer and employee journey communication.
lowering costs
by improving the effectiveness of internal and external communication.
increasing revenues
by creating convincing communication that is aligned with brand values.

our approach to communication is focused on delivering brand promises through text — throughout the whole customer and employee journey.

We are helping our clients to create psychologically validated, effective and
brand-specific communication
on the critical and usually ignored touchpoints that don’t fall into the category of touchpoints that are typical for marketing

For those touchpoints, we create materials, guidebooks, templates and trainings if needed.

take a look.

Makes things more difficult than they already are

A lot of communication on various touchpoints is similar to this Service Subscription Agreement — it fulfills the form and neglects the reader.
  • Messy structure & hard to read
  • Crammed with heavy legal jargon
  • Impersonal to the reader and company-oriented

nmc communication
transforms hard into human-friendly

Transparency and ease are not something that people usually expect to find in this type of documents. They are a good base for market differentiation.
  • Clear structure for easier navigation
  • Written in simple, everyday language
  • Personalised and customer-oriented

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