n-mc trainings guide your employees towards building the skills of efficient communication.

Many departments develop their own language, so often they don’t speak the same language as their customers or even their colleagues from other departments.

This is why our trainings are designed for discussing context, roles and specifics of communication at each touchpoint.

In this way, employees receive training on writing texts that stimulate desired emotions and behaviours, backed up with various guidelines, checklists, examples, exercises and Q&A.

of trainings.

psychological copywriting

This is crucial for developing basic skills applicable to all kinds of communication. 

The training covers the processes of putting ourselves in the reader’s shoes, finding a proper tone of voice, information structuring and prioritising, and simplicity in terms of wording.

care communication

Important for two-way communication both written and face to face (e.g., inquiries, complaints), and one-way communication that doesn’t require any sort of action but is important for the whole brand experience (e.g., notices, PR communication, system messages). Suitable for internal communication, HR and employees working in departments such as Retail, Customer Support and Complaints.
Focuses on specificities of two-way communication and explores ways to adjust our style and tone to a certain person and their unique situation, especially in conveying bad news.

behavioural storytelling

For any communication that requires some kind of action from the reader — e.g., in HR, Sales, CRM, Collection.

It's all about how we craft our message and provoke the desired action from the reader — for example, subscribing to our newsletter, filling out a questionnaire, paying debts or buying our products and services. We do this by creating a narrative that brings the reader into focus and selecting proper behavioural triggers that ultimately result in the desired action.
Apart from these modules, we conduct tailor made trainings adjusted to your industry, business goals and specifics of your brand. All of the content is derived from your materials, so your employees can see the analysis of their communication and new proposals. This process makes the procedure of adopting and implementing the new communication approach run smoothly.
So far, we’ve held trainings for:
CX • Marketing • CRM • PR • HR • Customer support • Complaints • Frontliners • Board • Legal • Finance









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what our clients
say about us.

“The best training I’ve ever attended! I have learned about so many practical principles used in psychology that I can implement in my personal as well as my professional life. The analysis and examples of our materials helped me translate them into my everyday practice. The only shortcoming is that we haven’t had the chance to discuss more of them. I’d like for everyone in my company – especially the management – to go through these trainings because this is the way to genuinely change our culture.”
(CX department employee)

”I use the NMC communication mechanics in written communication with our clients and their reactions are great. Now, it’s easier for me to understand them. My responses are more precise and empathic.”
(Customer Support Agent)

”I like the NMC client-directed communication. It’s no longer uptight and artificial, but natural and friendly. It was a great idea to use our materials as examples.”
(HR employee)

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