People will only remember how your words made them feel.

In order to empathize with people living on social margins, the famous writer George Orwell spent some time pretending to be homeless, living among tramps and beggars.

Words are not here to create sentences but experiences

What’s your favorite color? Everyone has one, or maybe few. But, what if I told you that the language you speak determines how you perceive colors? Before you dismiss this as another “the Earth is flat” theory, give it a second.

Your e-mail signature - a meaningful touchpoint or disappoint

After a long day at work, you are finally coming to your appointed massage. Before booking it, you chose the type of massage and desired time and then you were informed about the price – 70 dollars. Not too much for treating yourself from time to time.

Know, Feel & Do: Three layers of every powerful message

Cheesecake. Who doesn’t like it? What’s not to like? The crispy crust? The creamy filling? The refreshing topping?